AstraZeneca 2018

The 2018 UK Automated Synthesis Forum is scheduled to take place at AstraZeneca in Macclesfield, on 29th and 30th October 2018.

Our Venue


We are delighted to announce that the plenary lecture this year will be given by Prof. C Oliver Kappe (University of Graz, Austria): “Flow chemistry as a tool for API synthesis”

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Joseph Tucker (Pfizer, Groton) “High-throughput experimentation in flow: from screening to compound production”
  • Dr. Cara Brocklehurst & Dr. Alex Marziale (Novartis, Basel) “Micro-scale drug development”
  • Dr. Aránzazu Sonia Marín (Eli Lilly & Co., Spain) “Self Service SFC (S3):  Giving scientists a tool for the fully automated purification of isomeric mixtures in OA mode.”
  • Dr. Nichola Davies (AstraZeneca, Cambridge) “Use of qNMR to improve design-make-test cycle efficiencies”
  • Dr. Kevin Lam (University of Greenwich) “Electrochemical activation of small organic molecules using electrasyn – a safe, green, cheap and efficient method to generate highly reactive intermediates”
  • Dr. Martin Fisher (Domainex, Cambridge) “Use of the EvoluChem Photoredox box duo at Domainex”

This year’s themes include:

  1. Flow Chemistry
  2. New Technologies
  3. Photochemistry / Electrochemistry
  4. Small-Scale Reaction Screening
  5. Post-Synthesis Process Improvements

Full agenda can be found here

We are currently at full capacity for both exhibitors and delegates, but if you wish to be notified if space becomes available or kept informed of details regarding the 2019 meeting, then please register your details with us via our Contact Form