UKASF 2016

20th Anniversary Meeting, 7th-8th November, IWM Duxford


 Monday, 7th November 2016


9:50am Introductory Remarks

David Wilson, Director Of Oncology Chemistry, AstraZeneca

10:00am Plenary Lecture: Tools and Techniques for Scaling Chemical Routes.                                  

Ian Baxendale, Durham University


11:00am Coffee & Networking in the Airspace Conservation Hall
  Reagent-less Synthesis in Flow

Chair: Lee Edwards, GSK.

11:30am Microreactors enabling novel flow electrochemistry

Thomas Wirth, Cardiff University.

11:45am Syrris AsiaFlux – Metabolite synthesis                                                       

Andrew Mansfield, Syrris.

11:55am User perspective of Syrris Titan                     

Andrew Curtis, GSK.

12:10pm The Firefly: Development of a Kilogram Scale Flow Reactor for Photochemical Synthesis

Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn, University of Bristol.

12:35pm Development of a photo-Minisci C-H alkylation platform

Matt Tudge,  GSK.

12:50pm A simple and Versatile Reactor for Photochemistry

Charlotte Clark, University of Nottingham.

1:00pm Lunch, Exhibitor Presentations & Networking in the Airspace Conservation Hall
  Automated Dispensing Technologies

Chair: Yuichi Tateno, GSK.

3:30pm From Dinosaur to DoE Monster

Simon Yates, AstraZeneca.

3:45pm Metter Toledo Quantos/ CAT96 – User perspective

Katherine Wheelhouse, GSK.

4:00pm Step-Change in Solid Dispensing for Synthesis Screening and Analytics

Jake Grace, Chemspeed.

4:15pm Solid Dispensing, A User Perspective: Perfect If You Have The Perfect Solid

Matthew Plane, Syngenta.

4:30pm High-throughput experimentation: A platform for streamlined reaction optimisation

Rachel Grainger, Cambridge University.

4:45pm Off-the-shelf tools for Catalytic HTE: Enabling the Practicing Chemist

Sarah Trice, Sigma Aldrich.

5:00pm Acoustic dispensing coupled with MS to support high throughput analysis

Jonathan Wingfield, AstraZeneca.

5:15pm Close of Day 1.

Wine Reception & Symposium Dinner

The Red Lion Inn,

Adjacent to the Holiday Inn at Station Rd E, Whittlesford, Cambridge CB22 4NL.




Tuesday, 8th November 2016
  Analytical Data Handling

Chair: Thomas McInally, University of Nottingham.

9:00am Analytical Sciences – keeping up with automated synthesis

Mike Bernstein, Mestrelab.

9:15am What can I usefully do with analytical data other than just file it?

Dimitris Argyropoulos & Peter Russel, ACD labs.

9:30am Spectrometer of the Future

Matteo Pennestri, Bruker.

  Analytical & Purification Chemistry

Chair: Andrew Ledgard, Lilly.

9:45am A Holistic Approach to Purification?

Pernilla Korsgren, AstraZeneca.

10:00am Use of the Waters UPC2-MS for flexible chemistry support

Jenny Kingston, AstraZeneca.

10:15am Stationary phases for SFC

Dave Leach, Reach Separations.

10:30am Shimadu Nexera – Unified Chromatography

Suzi Cowan, Takeda.

  Coffee & Networking in the Airspace Conservation Hall

Roundtable – what is next for automated flash purification?

11:15am Plenary Lecture: Enabling Chemistry Technologies as accelerators of the Drug Discovery Process

Steve Djuric, Abbvie.

12:15pm Lunch & Networking in the Airspace Conservation Hall
  New Approaches to Chemical Synthesis

Chair: Melanie Bayford, Domainex

1:15pm Optimisation of a Screening Hit with the Cyclofluidic CyclOps Platform: A User Perspective

Andy Madin, AstraZeneca.

1:30pm Safe and Simple Reactions with Carbon Monoxide and other Gaseous Reagents

Anders Lindhardt, Sytracks.

1:45pm Gas Generation & Reaction Using COWare- A User’s Perspective

John Taylor, Beatson Institute.

1:55pm Taming carbon Monoxide

Zoe Wilson, University of Cambridge.

2:10pm  3D Printed Impregnated Catalysts for Reactions in Batch and Flow

Steve Hilton, UCL.

2:25pm 3D printing of chemical reactors: embedding sensors and towards automation

Steven Christie, Loughborough University.

2:55pm Final Remarks and Close of Meeting