2017 Agenda

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UK Automated Synthesis Forum 2017 Agenda


Tuesday, 7th November 2017

10:00am Introductory Remarks
Jason Tierney, Charles River, Chair UKASF
10:10am Welcome Remarks
Paul Kendall, Festo
10:20am Plenary Lecture: Earth, Wind, Fire and Light – New Technologies Enabling Chemical Innovation
Ian W Davies, Princeton
11:20am Coffee & Networking 
Metabolite Synthesis and purification
Chair: Andrew Ledgard (Lilly) / Paul Blaney (Concept Life Sciences)
 11:40am  The Generation and Identification of Biosynthetic Metabolites 
 Dr. Scott Martin and Dr. Eva Lenz, AstraZeneca
 12:00pm Metabolite Generation under Continuous Electrochemical Methods
Andrew Mansfield, Syrris
12:20pm Reaction Screening Tools for Medicinal Chemistry
Marc Bazin, Hepatochem
12.40pm Challenges associated with small scale purification of metabolites and impurities
Ronan Cleary, Waters 
10.00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking 
Flow Chemistry I
Chair: Paul Turner (AZ) / John Taylor (Beatson Institute)
2:30pm Using Open-Source Hardware and Software Technologies to Automate Chemical Synthesis
Dr. Matthew O’Brien, University of Keele. 
2:50pm Practical Organic Electrosynthesis in Laboratory Flow Electrolysis Cell with Extended Channels: Milligrammes to Multigrammes/Hour
Prof. Richard Brown, University of Southampton 
3:10pm Research towards Automated Continuous Flow Peptide Synthesis (Vapourtec)
Dr. Nikzad Nikbin, New Path Molecular 
3:30pm Photochemical reactors for both batch and flow
Martyn Fordham, Asynt/Uniqsis
3.50pm Break
New Technologies I
Jason Tierney (Charles River) / Tobias Mochel (Sygnature)
4:10pm What could be driving the lab of the future and is the ‘Smart Lab’ really a thing?
Paul Kendall, Festo 
4:30pm ElectraSyn 2.0: Facilitating the mass adoption of electrochemistry for preparative organic synthesis
Kevin Mann, IKA
4:50pm Mya 4, the new Reaction Station from Radleys
Dr. Keren Abecassis, Radleys
5:10pm Continuous reactor solutions, scalable SpinPro reactor applications
Jeoffrey van den Berg, Flow ID
5:40pm Close of day 
Symposium Dinner 
Marriott Hotel, Northampton

Wednesday, 8th November 2017

Flow Chemistry  II
Chair: Batool Ahmed-Omer (GSK) / Steve Brough (Key Organics)
9:00am The Use of Optimization Algorithms in Flow for Palladium-catalyzed Reactions
Prof. Francois-Xavier Felpin, University of Nantes
9:20am Expanding chemistry’s horizon with continuous-flow reactors
Dr. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu, University of Liege
9:40am Flow Chemistry for Gas-liquid Transformations
Dr. Christopher Hone, CC Flow, University of Graz
10:10am Packed Bed Reactors as Tools in R&D Flow Chemistry
Dr. Anders Lindhardt, Aarhus University
10:30am Break
Bespoke Automated Technologies
Chair: Jenny Kingston (AstraZeneca) / Dave Pearce (Syngenta)
11:00am Applications for the Advion mini MS within a Synthetic Environment
Andrew Baker, Advion    
11:20am Synthesis to Data: Automation on Sub mg scale
Richard Robinson, Novartis
11:40am Data Flows – accessible automation in the connected laboratory
Richard Ingham, Base4 Innovation Ltd.
12:05pm Prep SFC using a standard prep HPLC – a new conversion system
Alex Bozic, ABSYS.
12:25pm Lunch & Networking 
New Technologies II
Chair: Melanie Bayford, (Domainex) / Maninder Panesar (Vertex)
1:15pm NanoMIPs: Chemistry’s answer to antibodies and their automated synthesis
Adrian Kinkaid, MIP-Dx 
1:35pm 3D Printing in Organic Synthesis: The Transition from Impregnated Catalysis in Batch to Continuous Flow
Dr. Stephen Hilton, UCL
1:55pm Training the next generation: Introducing flow and reaction design in academia
Dr. Steve Christie, University of Loughborough
2:15pm A General Small-Scale Reactor to Enable Standardization and Acceleration of Photocatalytic Reactions
Ian Davies, Princeton
2:30pm Centre for Rapid online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR): The Dial-a-Molecule Institute@Imperial
Dr. Gill Smith, Dial-a-Molecule
2:50pm Final Remarks and Close of Meeting